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“A fil rouge from Italy to China,
An industrial brand in a design and modernity union.
The elegance in building.„


The strength of a large business group and the creative and economic boost in the Chinese market have led to Industrie51, founded with the goal of offering a full service in the field of general contracting in the Far East.
A reality created by professionals of various nationalities working in synergy
Designers, project managers and qualified staff, each of them with its own skills and experience and each with its own amount of energy. Together to provide professional solutions suitable to the needs of a market in continuous development.
.A red thread that is drawn by joining the dots between Milan and Shanghai.


the new base of the contract activity that will follow closely the Expo 2010 and the realizations that will take shape here.
The “fil rouge” from the stand realization to the realization of permanent works

Milan, the historical head office consolidates its leadership nationally and internationally expanding the range of action to more areas. The objectives are growing and the structure grows with them

Washington the new reference point of Eurostands in the US, comes thanks to more frequent contacts with the design world overseas and with the growing opportunities of intervention, especially in the field of congresses and events.

Hong Kong sees Eurostands presence strengthened its in the Far East, new home for a team perfectly integrated into the Asian world.

Seoul for the global penetration of the strength of Eurostands, a new challenge that arises from the interest of the academic world of Korean industrial design towards our group.


"The elegance in building" for Industrie51 more than a claim is a real mission. The design and the creative capacity of Made in Italy is the fundamental principle and the driving force of our thoughts and of our realizations.
Our deepest roots unwind themselves through the creativity of all aesthetic and technological high-impact realizations


The operational responsibility for all your project as a whole becomes our primary mission.
A single partner that guarantees: organizational capacity, technical expertise, a well-equipped production department, quality, completion times and restrained costs.
Not just partners but the "Fil Rouge" between your dreams and your needs

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